Is it better to code my way or the right way?

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Is it better to code my way or the right way?. Are You mam & sir has that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please check the good tips right after below:

Style is of less importance than substance. The most important thing is to understand your code and how it works. That’s why all those students can program in different styles, and still succeed in learning to program.

In the real world of programming jobs, each company is allowed to define its own style. They might have an internal style guide that defines how many spaces to use for indentation or where to put braces. Or they might just follow some public standard of code. There are different types of public standards for each language, so they just pick whatever they like.

While you are a student, you can pick whatever standard you like and follow it. The virtue of following a standard is that you don’t have to decide how to format the things each time and can just follow the standard. Even if you don’t follow a standard now, though, you can always learn this later since it’s so easy.

The best standards are those that can be automated. Look for code beautification or pretty printing programs that can reformat and reindent your code for you. That will save you typing effort and time, and will make the result more consistent.

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