Is a short in the motherboard a manufacturer`s defect?

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Is a short in the motherboard a manufacturer`s defect?. Are You sir and mam has this kind of query?, If yes then plz read the good tips right after below:

I had my tablet diagnosed already at just answer they said I


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My T-Mobile g3 charge port stopped working it`s the blue pebble, I have another g3 that I broke the screen the white one that had the panoramic camera mode, I want to swap motherboards just for the good charge port…my 2 questions are 1) how can I keep my data and files before I do swap, 2)since the camera options are different in the white and blue versions do I need to swap camera lens too… please help.


That depends to the mother
board that you have on
your computer.

normally motherboards can support
DDR1 and DDR2. Th Pentium IV
you mentioned is about

Is the processor. I suggest
that you check the specs from
the manufacturer`s website to
which it can support for the RAM.


Buy an internet card and connect it to you motherboard, now you can connect you computer to internet. view link to see what it looks like.


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The answer is NO…you cannot use DDR1 and DDR2 ram at the same time, you will hear a long beep sound on start up and there will be an error.


So your motherboard is a low specs or a old model, i suggest you to change it to a newer one that exactly matched your budget.


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Qualcomm are the manufactures of processors for all HTC phones.


I think it`s time to get a new phone.






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