I would like my Safelimk Reconnected?

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I would like my Safelimk Reconnected?. Are You Mrs or Mr own this kind of concern?, If do then plz read the good feedback below:

I no longer have another phone


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Yes you will still get the message by the time your phone reconnects or once you turned it on. messages that was not delivered because your phone is off or out of coverage will all stay in the network server of your network provider it will automatically send once the network server receives some signal from your phone. hope this information answers your question.


Hi! Try to open your browser, and on the upper box, type “www.facebook.com.” If facebook.com doesn`t appear and it needs to have the security certificate, then, you must go on the lower right corner of your screen and update the time and date. Then open your browser again.
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Is it Wireless or Wired connection? Well if it is both you can reset your router by unplugging it and then plugging it again. Try this once, if the connection is still coming and going, contact your ISP to tell them that the connection is going nuts.


I think you need to contact their customer support for that matter. They are the only one who can help you with this. I think you`re subscription is still locked and you need to follow it up so they can make some actions for that.


Hey lisa…..u can juz reset ur s2 to factory setting n than try updating it again m sure it will work……juz remove ur sd card to avoid ne loss of data.


Usually it takes only 24 hours to reconnect you on your line. Contact their customer support so they can update the status of you phone.


Even i am having the same problem.


After 3 working days.






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