I want to ask a sample solicitation letter for computer or cash?

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I want to ask a sample solicitation letter for computer or cash?. Do You guys own this kind of inquiry?, If do then please get the best feedback right after below:

Show me sample letter of solicitation for computer or cash


Answers for this question:

You can use this sample letter to construct a solicitation letter with an invitation too:

dear sir/maam

i am (your name) from (your address) would like to greet you a good day. we would like to invite you to our upcoming basketball league as a (mention the part of the captain for your league). we would like to ask for a financial support too from you sir/maam (state your reason in where you are going to use the funds) if possible. we are glad to have you as a (mention the part of captain for your league) to our upcoming league sir/maam. we are hoping for your response.

thank you and god bless

yours truly
(your name)


Dear Sir/Madam,

There will be an acquaintance party on (date) at 9 am. This is an activity where there will be introduction of the freshmen and there will be games. So regular uniform is not required. I want to confirm it to you that we will be wearing our jersey uniform. It will be more comfortable and suited for the said event. It was not mention to use that we should wear jersey uniform so I want to confirm it to you, as you are the advisor of our class.

Sincerely yours,
(your name)



Dear Sir/ Ma`am,

Good day! I write this letter to seek some help from you regarding medical assistance for the victims of ___ in our company __. We have insufficient funds to support all their medicines and hospital bills. So any amount from your will be a big help to them. Kindly help us. Thank you and May God bless you.

Sincerely yours,
Your name.


Please visit internet sites, there are lot of samples online.


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Luwein Arangote

Are you asking for a pageants sponsorship?


Have you researched your answer on google?


Kindly search it in google.






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