I want send an email to manager related to Transport issue?

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I want send an email to manager related to Transport issue?. Are You sir and mam has this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please check the good tips right after this line:

In my company where I work transport team has given the incorrect routing.. where different area are included in the same route. Which is causing delay in getting dropped.


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If you are asking if there is a quick way to add everyone in a mail the answer is no. There are no predefined groups by default. If you are using Outlook and you are planning to send more mails of this type (to everyone) over time I would suggest going to the Contacts section (bottom left), right clicking on thee contacts empty space in the middle of the screen, choosing from the drop down list “Distribution list” and then manually adding everybody. From that moment on you will be able to send a mail to everybody without having to add every person every time by selecting to sent the list to the distribution list.


Try this sample email

To: Recipient`s email
Subject: Anything you want


Dear (name),

I write this letter to report the discrepancy of my salary proposal to the payslip that you have sent to me. I received a salary proposal last (date) indicated there that I will be receiving an amount of (amount) but to my dismay I only received (amount) in my payslip. I am just confuse about it. I need an explanation regarding this. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,
your name.


Sapna ji,take a look here to get an idea:

But you may have to mention why you left the work last time..
all the best.


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You can text him or better just draft a nice email and mail it to his company email address.


Send a mail again as a follow up and let him know calmly hat you are still waiting for his response.


Compose an email. In the “TO” field, type your Boss`s email address and Hit “SEND”.


Dear “Boss`s Name,”.






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