I got tax code 1541 I don`t owe back taxes and I was able to order both transcripts what does this mean?

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I got tax code 1541 I don`t owe back taxes and I was able to order both transcripts what does this mean?. Are You sir & mam has that kind of problem?, If do then plz get the good soution right after this line:

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I got the same thing and when I called no one at the IRS that I spoke with could say what the number meant. The lady who helped me was very nice and looked into my account to see if there were any forms that I filed that might be causing the delay but there was nothing that she could see. Advised to wait a bit longer and recheck (it wasn`t even a week yet since filing). I was also told that the first screen that comes up saying there is a delay will have a code that I would need to follow if there was something wrong or it would say that a letter was sent out. I have heard many, many reasons for this “reference #” from fraud, to an off set debt, a glitch, a simple delay or nothing at all. I did come across a number to check for any off set debts that was helpful in ensuring that it wasn`t a reason for my delay. 1-800-304-3017 It`s automated and you need the info that`s on your return. I`m just going to wait another week and see if the WMR site updated… Not like I really have a choice anyway!


I called the IRS Today and spoke to somebody as Wheres My Refund quoted me that “Your tax return has been delayed. Reference # 1541” and the lady at the IRS told me it is because there is an offset on one of the social security numbers on my account (which was my husbands in this case). Which means that there is some taxes owed to an agency or the IRS. She did not know how “long” the tax return would be delayed but they will take the amount owed out of the total amount of the refund before giving the rest of it back to us.


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Code 1541 means an offset to returns have been applied.
This means they have charged you for a payment due to the agency.
This may be a form of underpayment on your side, or an overpayment of returns on their side.

Please get back to us if you have other concerns.
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Just get wait for another week for they will process it again. This is sometime get occur when supporting files have conflict regarding in your company were you work. Just be patient. You will get this, but it needs more time to get approved. Patience is all you gonna do.


I got the same reference number and I know we didn`t owe anything it is a straight return so instead of calling I figured we would get a letter or a phone call but today it changed and we will get our full refund on March 6th so my guess is that they are just behind.


Once you see a date on the refund, that means they are through reviewing and processing it. And that means, you just have to wait for the direct deposit date to arrive and your refund will be deposited.
You can check for the date here:


Being able to order transcripts is a good sign, you should be getting it in a couple days! Where is my refund has kind of a glitch in the system. It will probably show after you get it. That happen to me last year.


Hi! You can check the status of your Tax Return online. It will tell you if it`s accepted already and if it`s in process. `s-My-Refund-It`s-Quick,-Easy,-and-Secure.


Its just a delay caused by a lot of returns being filled so there is a lot of work to be processed, it will be fixed shortly. Hope you get all the money you deserve.


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