I forgot my Redmi Note 3's lock PIN. What can I do?

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I forgot my Redmi Note 3's lock PIN. What can I do?. Are You guys has this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz get the best tips below this line:

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If you forget to set a lock screen password, making it impossible to enter the system, you can log in the following ways:

1 If your phone uses a “forgotten password” option to bind a Google account or Xiaomi account to the phone, enter an incorrect password 5 times in the lock screen. Click the “Forgot Password”, the system will prompt you to enter a bind Google account password (Xiaomi account password) to unlock.

2. If your phone binds a Xiaomi account and has a lookup phone feature, you can also visit Xiaomi cloud services at http://i.xiaomi.com, select Find phone – lock the phone, enter a new 8-digit password, confirm lock, then enter the password to unlock the phone.

3 If your phone is not bound to any account, this feature is a last resort as it will delete all data on phone. It is mainly for mobile phone users to ensure information security (wiping all data from phone). You can enter Recovery Mode to clear user data (This will clear your messages, contacts, call records, account number and other personal information, and analog SD card data) can be. (Clear Methods: In the off state, the phone click the volume down + power button to enter recovery mode, then the volume down for the selection, the volume is confirmed, move the cursor to the recovery, click on the volume, wait about 10 seconds, you will see green robot, then click the power button, you can see the recovery screen, select wipe data / factory reset, then select yes, and wait for the system to reboot).

Source : I forgot my Redmi Note 3G’s lock screen password, how do I unlock the screen? – Redmi Note 3G – Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum

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