I dnothave a switch like the picture?

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I dnothave a switch like the picture?. Are You mister or misses has that kind of problem?, If do then plz read the best feedback below this line:

I have lbn with 4 places t screw on


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Remove the battery let it stay for 1 minute and put it back then turn it on. Before reinserting the battery check if the battery deformed or bulged. After reinserting the battery turn the device on. If it wont turn on connect the charger for 5 minutes then power it on. After performing those steps and the device wont power on, replace the battery with a new one.


Not really, the audio signal and video are transmitted in a similar bandwith however, the picture quality is dependent of your connection strength and the quality of the camera you are using,.


You can just not turn off your phone,or you can look if you have a backup to a computer,so you wont need to download back all the things..


While ur mobile have less than 2% battery then don`t go before the put charging pin with ur phone.


Maybe to sim card is not regestered with the service provider?


May be u got a virus on ur fone causin the freezing.


Your screen has gone out, time for a new tv.


Go to your account photos, and upload photo.






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