I am unable to logout of my tikona broadband connection?

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I am unable to logout of my tikona broadband connection?. Do You misses or mister has this kind of query?, If do then please read the good tips right after this line:

I get the login screen with the message session already running


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Tikona Care

Go to wifi option and say search, once the wifi instrument tikona is found, it may or may not ask the pin if asks enter the pin# and accept the connection. you should be good there after.


Open your browser and type respected IP address for your router, it will show login page give it default name name and password, follow those step which router asks.


No ISP will give you any security guarantees. Go for performance (fibre optic of course) and customer service. Check download speeds on comparison sites. But sort out your own security.


You`ll find a reset button below or underneath the router. You can press the button using a tool for 10 seconds until the lights go off and restart.


Just open a new window nd browse on ur history.. :)… there you will find the windwo which yu closed accidently.. 🙂






We at this techno blog hope if those tips listed above can solve your concern. Take care

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