How tp hard reset my cherry mobile thunder?

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How tp hard reset my cherry mobile thunder?. Do You mam and sir own that kind of concern?, If yes then plz check the tips below this line:

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Hi. Straightly, let us put the hard reset on the last resort, for now, here`s the best solution to your problem


Spamming takes a toll for the Google to activate the forgot password function, You need to spam the lock password with wrong one. It usually takes for about 15 – 20 tries for the forgot password to appear

By the time that the forgot password to appear, Google will now verify your identity by means of entering the following fields

Email address

This method will justify that you are the real owner of the mobile phone.

This will then, Google will allow you to remake your lock password, by this moment, Google will not ask anymore your previous password, like Google is not saying to you like `Past is past, since you`re the real owner, let`s make another one and make sure you remember it`

Last Resort
If ever that you cannot view the forgot password, do this last resort:

1, Turn off mobile phone
2. Press volume up and power button
3. Hold it for about 15 – 20 seconds
4. Wait for the red screen
5. Release
6. Navigate using the volume buttons
7. Select factory data reset
8. Confirm using power button
9. Reboot

Note: Factory reset will delete all your data on your mobile phone, make sure that you think twice before you do this thing. This is the real reason why we put this method on your last resort.


In your case, you can try to do the hard reset to test whether what part of your phone really has the problem. However, I can say that the hard drive or the internal memory might be the problem. To do the hard reset here is the step:

> Set the volume into its maximum level
> Hold the power button for about 40 50 seconds
> Wait until the pop-up window appears
> The release
> Control up the volume to select factory reset
> Then continue the process until you finished

This will wipe all the installed applications in your phone.

Note: The moment the process of initializing start there is really problem in the drive and can be also in the internal memory. I suggest to consult your service providers for necessary check up and repair as well.


Maybe there are some problems with your Wifi

First check if you have an internet connection.

Then try using another Device for connecting into the wifi, check if it can connect to the internet.

If it can connect and your cherry thunder wont connect,

then try to forget or delete that wifi connection, then turn off wifi and restart your phone,

then turn on Wifi and scan for wifi network and connect to wifi.

if it wont work try to Contact your customer care.


For wifi you should know what the password for the wifi is. Well that is given if the wifi is secured. As for the some wifi that has no password you should be able to connect to them but it is rarely seen. Just on public places. If you do not have a password there is no way you can connect your phone to a wifi network. Get the password to the person who owns the wifi network and once you have it you should be able to connect from there.


to reformat or root cherry mobile phone
first restart your phone when your phone is restarted and your screen turn into black press or hold power button and volume + and lastly the home button after that your screen will show a option menu and in that option choose reformat and wait until your phone finish this step.

i hope this work have a nice day..


You can give it a try on this one:
1. Make sure the phone is off
2. Hold up the volume and power button at the same time (Green Screen will show up)
3. If the screen goes to red release it
4. Recovery mode or screen will show up use the up and down button to select the recovery option.


Well resetting your device will surely erase all data that have been inputted if the contacts are on a sim card then the sim contacts will be safe unlike another information that is saved within the phone memory directly.


With MaxxSpy cell phone tracking application, you can monitor web sites that your kids or employees are visiting from their smartphones.


Yes, because your restoring everything. so its best to get a back-up thing for your contacts.


We at this blog hope that the solutions above could solve your problem. Thank You So Much

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