How to see prepaid internet balance in zain internet saudi arabia?

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How to see prepaid internet balance in zain internet saudi arabia?. Are You Mr or Mrs own this kind of question?, If yes then please read the good answer below this line:

I want to change my zain saudi internet pakagge. I want to change my zain internet pagaage present pakagge


Answers for this question:

Sending Party:

Send an SMS to 702702 which contains the following:

bt → space → then the number you want to transfer to → space → Amount in Riyals

If you would like to transfer an amount of 27 Riyals to the number 059XXXXXXX then you should send the below to 702702.

Example: bt 059xxxxxxx 27

Receiving Party:

After receiving the confirmation SMS on the transferred amount, the receiver should send an SMS to 702702 containing:

id → space → 1234567890 (10 Digits Number)

Example: id 123456780.


Here is how to check your remaining STC Internet Balance.

1. Open your Browser.
2. Go to this link.

3. Log in your STC account(Create one if you still don`t have an STC account).

4. Click Internet Balance.
5. You will see the balance on that page.

Or you can just contact STC support at 902 or 0535000000.


Unfortunately, you cannot check the remaining MB of your zain Sim card.

You can only check for your credit balance but not the internet MB.

You may need to wait until you receive a message until you receive a text message that you consume all.


As twas instructed, to send a blank message to 2220 is impossible, the send button will not highlight to signify readiness to send. I need to type at least 1 character inorder to highlight the send button and ready to be clicked but the character i type is send. Can somebody show it how to do it? Thanks and really appreciate.


To do the following to get your Zain balance.

1. Open your phone app.
2. Dial *142#
3. Listen to the voice to know your balance.


You can check your remaining mb like this
go to
then click on enter just it.






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