How to move data from one disk to two disks and configure them to work in RAID 1?

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How to move data from one disk to two disks and configure them to work in RAID 1?. Do You guys own this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz found the best tips right after this line:

Hello :)I have an HDD that is about to fail and has windows 7 installed on it. I`m tired of having to restore data from failing HDDs in general so what I figured I would do is buy 2 cheap HDDs and set them in RAID 1 while moving the data from the failing HDD to them. How would you go about this and how can it be done? Thanks


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A RAID 5 array can be used in the home, small businesses or large corporations for the storage and retrieval of high volumes of data that more than one person may need access to and any one time. With this in mind you have to consider the possibility that such devices – especially the hard drives inside them – will fail due to heavy usage.
RAID devices are becoming the IT work horse of many a company these days and with that in mind many companies are turning to us here at for help when their drives fail or cannot be accessed. We are experienced with many different makes and configuration of RAID array and also the problems they encounter such as data corruption, damaged controller cards, missing partitions and disk failures after a rebuild.



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Yes, it is possible to recover deleted or lost data from your hard disk and flash drives however, this cannot be done manually. You can only do this by using a file recover software. There are a lot of file recovery software that could be downloaded for free or with charge. Personally, I use Active File Recovery as a proven efficient software in recovering deleted files. Unfortunately, this is not a free software. You have to purchase it for you to use. Just type in Google search the term “Active Filer Recovery”, you may also use its free trial version for you to test.

I hope this helps and good luck.




There are many type of RAID configurations.
The setup depends on what RAID type you want.

JBOD (extend, spill over)
RAID 0 (Striping)
RAID 1 (Mirroring)
RAID 5 (Distributed Parity)
RAID 1+0, 0+1, 10

If you want more information about it.
you can visit the page



Hello! It can be that the problem is within your hard disk and its hardware. What you can do is to bring to a repair service if it has a warranty. Try to format your PC. It could resolve your problem.

Note: Also make sure that the IDE cables you use is working and efficient.

Hope this helps! Have a great day! 🙂


A disk drive that displays the number of bytes used as reading 0 or ‘raw’ even when running the chkdsk utility. If this occurs there is a good chance that the information on the disk (or disks as some external drives contain more than one) is unusable.



If you pull the second drive and break the raid …you should be in degraded state and the system should still run as before. But loose that drive and your done! Means your system is down.


You should be able to just connect your phone to your PC via USB. Folders should then open with all your phones media files without transferring to the SD card! Hope this helps 🙂


CCTV DVR`S require a more robust HDD because they record hours a day continuesly and very warm, you need to get a Surveillance HDD, Western Digital or Seagate.


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