How to make a vcf file out of a backup.dat file?

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How to make a vcf file out of a backup.dat file?. Are You sir and mam own this kind of question?, If yes then please found the best solution below:

I`d like to transfer my contacts from a Nokia backup file to my iPhone


Answers for this question:

Please download a file converter by search on google.

Please check the download software is able to convert file from .sbu(Samsung backup unit) to .nbu(nokia back up unit)

After the same please restore the .nbu file to your nokia device.

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Hello there.

The answer is LIBRARY. A 7 letter word that fits on all of the descriptions given.
If it is incorrect, please provide more clues and I will guide you.

I hope that this would help you.


1. In Idle mode, open the application list and select contact icon 2. Press contact card icon → Import/Export → Export to SD card. 3. Select Yes to confirm.


That is an impossible statement. to make it true please make sure your sentences include both a subject and a predicate.


Pls I need som1 to upload his Nokia 202 NBF (backedup files) so that I can download. I`m having problem upgrading mine.


Go to file manager settings click on and then try to send.


Hi. Try updating the version of your Samsung KIES.


No most companys do not until you have multiple claims.






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