How much data is used in 2 hour webinar?

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How much data is used in 2 hour webinar?. Are You sir and mam own this kind of query?, If yes then please get the good feedback right after this line:

I have a 2 hour webinar session, trying to find out how many MB will I need to have in order to complete the session


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I need the answer as well.


If you are not gonna download other files I am sure that the 10GB data would be enough for the month. Here is my estimation. For an hour you might be able to consume like 70-150MB of data. Again it will depend on the activity that you are doing as well. If you are not gonna play the game so much then that would suffice but if you are planning to play it for like 5 hours a day I suggest you recommend to get an unlimited plan for you.


Are you connected to a wireless network? If you are and it does not have password protection then your connection is not private. Try connecting to a password protected router or add a password to your router for a bit of privacy. You might also consider adding some encrypting program on your system.


Depends upon the quality of the video u are watching. Mark down the data usage in statistic meter in the data dongle application. View the video for a minute check the usage difference. Then multiply it by 60. There u will get the usage for an Hr.


Most common games consume 50mbps per hours it depends on the usage and server requirements.


Well it depends on the speed test that you should make from !


About 145GB are streaming every minute so times that by 60. (approx)


I did once for around 50 mins and it was more than 200 MB.


You would get almost 600-800kb per second download.


I think it is not enough for you .


I think you would use a bit.






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