How many hours did Steve Jobs sleep a night?

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How many hours did Steve Jobs sleep a night?. Do You mam has that kind of concern?, If do then plz read the best feedback right after this line:

Michael Murdock

It’s funny, in all the time I knew him, this was never something that came up. I can remember instances of getting an email from him at 1 or 2 in the morning, and then other times as early as 9pm and no response coming until the next morning.

He was human, but there were times when you’d see him sitting and he’d be meditating and solving problems, then jump up refreshed and ready to go again.

I never thought to ask him: Steve, one day people will want to know, how many hours a night you slept, what should I tell them? I know his reply would have been something on the order of: “Michael, seriously? In the grand scheme of life, how does this matter”? and my reply would have been “not at all”. He would have smiled and said “Exactly”.

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