How does Elon Musk deal with stress?

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How does Elon Musk deal with stress?. Do You guys own this kind of concern?, If yes then please check the answer right after below:

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This might be his top skill.

If you go back to 2008, the worldwide economy was imploding.  Real car companies were going bankrupt. Tesla – a struggling maker of all-electric sports cars – was going bankrupt. SpaceX's rockets were blowing up. And Elon was getting a divorce.

(The gorier details are that Tesla's manufacturing systems were totally screwed. The company had to bring all of this overseas work back to California to make the cars affordable to build and sell. One of Elon's main investors was trying to throw him out of the company. His wife was blogging about their divorce. And SpaceX was trying to come to life on Kwajalein– an island in the middle of nowhere – with a ragtag bunch of engineers.)

The dude somehow got through all of this and then thrived.

Elon appears to be able to make hyper rational decisions in the face of incredible stress. It's a very difficult thing to do.

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