How do you root mytouch 4g 2.3.4 version without an computer?

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How do you root mytouch 4g 2.3.4 version without an computer?. Are You guys own that kind of concern?, If do then plz get the solution right after below:

Im trying to root my phone and i cannot get around the visionary app process


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Hello, raj30081987! As far as I know, the advantages of rooting an Android are: You have “Administrator” privilege and can have it`s full potential of the device as well as removing the limits imposed by manufacturers and carriers. And the disadvantage is: You will lose the data in your Android phone (or memory card). So you`d better backup the files in your Android phone and memory card before rooting your Android. Read more: Best wishes!


FaramRoot works on ZTE phones, FaramRoot is an app that will root your phone.
Warning: This might brick your phone making unusable and un-repairable please do this on your own risk. It will not be my fault if you brick your phone.

Download this
Install it on your phone then run the app to root your phone.


Rooting will always void your warranty. Although if you are able to look beyond this, there is whole new world waiting for you; after you have rooted your device.

Rooting is quite simple, although a very distributive process as depends mostly on what type of device, model name and OS version you are using. Still, there a common process that you can try out. using kingo app or some other similar type.


If z4root didn`t work for your phone, You may use other rooting App in Play Store, It is called as Framaroot.

here`s the download link:



For instructional guide on how to root galaxy y visit this link


This is just a minor bug which you can fix either by upading firmware or taking it to the dealer.






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