How do we know that Global warming will be a net negative for humanity?

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How do we know that Global warming will be a net negative for humanity?. Are You sir and mam own that kind of inquiry?, If do then please check the good tips right after this line:

You’re assuming that making cooler places warmer will make them “more habitable.” Many of the currently habitable norther regions are only habitable because the soil is mostly frozen year round. Even now some of it is thawing out and producing problems. About 80% of the surface of Alaska in particular is permafrost: Climate Impacts in Alaska.

As this thaws, whole villages must move and roads become literally bogged down. Even if there isn’t a net loss in habitable land because of thawing permafrost, there will be due to rising sea level. Hundreds of millions of people may have to move because of losses in coastal regions: New Analysis Shows Global Exposure to Sea Level Rise. That seems to me to be one huge negative.

The net impact on ocean life, including food sources, will almost certainly be negative, and this could impact more than a billion people.

Extreme flooding events are already increasing and will get worst. In many areas that have been fairly dry in the past, the severity of droughts is likely to increase.

There may be some people who benefit from the effects of climate change/global warming, but it’s unlikely that this will be a relatively large number.

It might be true that all changes result in winners as well as losers. When the dinosaurs and many other species were wiped out, they clearly lost and mammals won. There were even winners due to the Great Depression. Sometimes the cost of winning can be really high.

This is the second question I’ve answered today that presented an expectation of a positive outcome due to the continued addition of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere on the basis of exactly one factor. In neither case was it even a sure thing that the single factor would produce positive outcomes on its own.

We must learn to go beyond single factor analysis and beyond looking at just the initial effects of environmental changes. There is too much at stake for such superficial analysis to be acceptable.

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