How do i retrieve a multimrdia message on nokia old style phne = says it is pending?

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How do i retrieve a multimrdia message on nokia old style phne = says it is pending?. Are You mam and sir has this kind of problem?, If yes then please found the good soution below this line:

See above question how do i retrieve a multimedia message on nokia old style phone = says it is pending


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You may actually have an older version of skype. If so, then just go to and re-download the newest version of skype. If not that, then try re-booting your PC or laptop. If this continues to happen, then it is most likely your internet connection. Either your internet connection where ever you are isnt strong enough, or the broadband/internet connection that you have cannot load skype because it causes too much connection drag. Meaning it uses alot of connection to send and receive the messages. If all else fails, try unplugging your internet rouder for 30 seconds and then turn it back on and wait 1 to 2 minutes. hope this helps!


First of all you should know for sure that your network supports the delivery reports for the nokia text messages. If your network doesn`t support it all your nokia text messages will stay in pending status forever. This doesn`t actually mean that your text messages are not delivered to the recipient. But you should verify this with your service provider. Sometimes service providers do not support traditional reports (for example O2 UK) but if you type new message with *0# at the start of a message you`ll get the report.


If you know when you received it you can type in the date and go all the way back through your history and you can look at the phone numbers you received that day and find the one your looking for. I hope this helped you with your problem!


This happens to me when i`m not signed in as “available” although I am signed in.. there could be other reasons as a skype technical problem.. based on my experience, the former was the case.


Support downloads for your Nokia 2730

try to download Nokia Suite to get software updates for your phone, and apps.


No you will need to resend it from your new number.






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