How do i recover a failed to post instagram photo and caption?

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How do i recover a failed to post instagram photo and caption?. Are You mam has that kind of query?, If yes then please found the best feedback below this line:

I posted an instagram photo which had a really long caption and it failed to upload! i really need to recover this photo and caption but it keepssaying failed. please help!


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You maybe set in default, adding location, or adding to your Photo Map, that will turned off all your photos uploaded in your instagram profile. Read some infos here . Or call Instagram at this number 14158573369 regarding your concern.

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Are you by chance on a HTC Vivid (Android) cause that seems to be the problem among android names. I`m currently having the same problem and haven`t been able to upload a pic since December 2014. I didn`t have this problem until my instgram update to the 6.12 version.


If you`re using an iPhone instagram app to do this then your photo is saved in your camera roll… check to see if it`s there. Haven`t used instagram on a computer so only know the iPhone way to find your pictures.


You cannot recover it if you already deleted your photos in Instagram, but you don`t have to worry because you can still reupload it anytime you want.


It;s going down, im yelling timber its gonna be a night. you wont forget.


Well just go to edit proflie then go to description then type it in.


It means Thank God it`s Friday or To good it`s friday.


Have you tried logining off your account ??


You need to verify your email.


Install the facebook status app.






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