How do I know if people like me?

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How do I know if people like me?. Do You sir own that kind of concern?, If do then please found the solution right after below:

In September I didn’t really have many friends at my college.

A few of my old friends had dropped out, a couple switched colleges, that sort of thing. I hadn’t really gotten to know many people here because I spent most of my social time last year with my (now ex) girlfriend.

I started to hang round with this one kid, we’ll call him Fletch. It wasn’t really through choice, but our timetables lined up and we both spent our spare time in the same place, so we were kind of around each other a lot. Fletch isn’t the sort of person that I would usually hang around with: he’s quiet, reserved, posh, and his group of friends I don’t really know. But we ended up chatting because we had already been introduced so it seemed natural.

We mainly meet up in the library, he watches anime or does online trivia quizzes, I read comics or browse Quora. Originally we were quite formal towards each other, first name basis but no use of words like ‘mate’. The more we talk, the more we have in common. We discuss history and science. We are still vastly different (he listens to classical music, has a keen interest in geography, watches anime almost exclusively, and doesn’t play video games or participate in any sports), but now when I see him it isn’t ‘oh hi Fletch, how are you?’ It’s more ‘hey dickhead, you read that article I sent you?’

And that’s how you know someone likes you, they put up with your bullshit. No, not really. You know someone likes you when conversation feels natural, comfortable, and you don’t feel the need to keep up with social niceties around them.

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