How do I get permission to a 32gb USB drive?

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How do I get permission to a 32gb USB drive?. Do You mate has that kind of query?, If do then plz get the best answer below this line:

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Try reformatting the USB drive. Note, to format a USB drive you must be logged on using an account with administrator privileges.

  1. While logged on using an administrator account, connect the USB drive to your USB port.
  2. Open the ‘Computer’ (Vista/7) window.
  3. Right-click the drive letter for the USB drive, then click ‘Format’. Except for the ‘Quick Format’ option, the default options should fine (File System = FAT16 for 2GB or smaller, FAT32 for 4GB to 32GB, or exFAT for drives larger than 32GB). Please make sure the option for ‘Quick Format’ option is not ticked (i.e. perform a full format).
  4. To begin the format, click the ‘Start’ button, then click ‘OK’ to confirm that you really want to erase all data; the drive will be formatted.

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