How do I fix my phone? It`s stuck and vibrating on a screen?

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How do I fix my phone? It`s stuck and vibrating on a screen?. Do You Mr or Mrs own that kind of uncertainty?, If do then please check the good answer right after below:

It was off and when I went to turn it on it got stuck on the tmobile screen. I try to put it into recovery mode but it gives me a warning screen instead. My phone is rooted by the way.


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Always remeber an iPhone is a computer in your pocket. Just like a computer they can be tempormental. Sometimes pulling the SIM card out for around 5 minutes will help( will also unlock your phone if the password locks you out. Another option is when your phone is turned off you can do a quick reset by holding down the power button and also holding the home key ( same time). Doing this will not delete any of your information.


What launcher did you download and install?
Restart your phone. Do not press home button yet. Just go directly to the settings of your phone. Uninstall the launcher application that you have installed. Now, press home, then the prompt should be gone now. You could have downloaded a bad copy of the launcher. I would suggest Nova Launcher for a lighter feeling on navigation.


Hello try to remove your battery sim card and memory card memory card should be enough but removing all can not effect that and wait couple of minutes insert sim and battery and turn it on without memory card if it turns on normally turn it back off insert memory card and turn it on again.

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When you phone`s screen freezed and rebooting/letting it sleep does not fix the problem , Try opening it from the rear case and remove the battery from the device . Return it and it may luckily open or if not try to hand it to samsung service center if you still have warranty for the phone. They will surely fix it for you.


You have to send it to the repair center to remove the water that was still inside your device, water inside may affect the threads inside your phone, that`s why problems in your screen is now occurring.


If it is a vibrate put it on sound from the notifiaction center.


You can turn it off and turn it on again.






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