How do i factory reset my daughters XO Tablet?

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How do i factory reset my daughters XO Tablet?. Are You misses or mister has this kind of query?, If do then please read the good feedback right after this line:

I forgot the parent password I had created


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What kind of Irulu Tablet do you have? if what you have is the 10″, look at the lower right hand bottom of the tablet, you will find the reset button there. Get a non-metallic object like a pen or paper clip and push and hold the reset button for 5-10 seconds. If you don`t have the 10″, just like any android device, turn it on, press and hold down both the volume down and up altogether while the tablet is booting up, that would reset the tablet to factory defaults.


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Hi friend,

you want to reset to factory settings, go to phone settings from menu and select default to factory settings in all phone select categories and you will be able reset it.



Turn off your device first then put a pin on the hole next to charger to reset your device, and wait for it to finish its rebooting.


If you do reset on you tablet, and the Sims game has deleted, then you can reinstall in back, but the game will start from the beginning.


Have you back up your files before? You need to re-download the games on Google Play.


Mite try copying down the serial number behind the battory then call tec support they can fix it .






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