How can I write code on paper during an exam?

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How can I write code on paper during an exam?. Are You guys own this kind of question?, If yes then plz read the tips below this line:

Ask the teacher if you can use scratch paper to make a first draft of your answer. Using scratch paper allows you some flexibility in writing your answer.

For this type of test, you can practice on a computer. Just make sure you:

  • Don’t use the Web for research while answering.
  • Solve easy problems that take 5–10 lines of code.
  • Take a few minutes to plan out your answer before writing anything.
  • Write the answer from start to finish without edits.
  • Read over the answer for a few minutes to make sure you got it right.
  • Only then, run your program and make sure it works.

With these steps, you’re simulating the exam environment on a computer. You’re learning to think about code before writing it. And you’re learning to spot problems by reading code rather than just running it.

These are useful skills for real-world programming, too.

If you can’t figure out a step, don’t give up. Just leave a blank line or two for that step. If you still haven’t figured it out when time runs out, just write a comment line in there what you think should happen.

When scoring your own practice answer, don’t worry about syntax errors. In the real world, we just let the compiler or interpreter catch those. Instead, worry about logic flaws that you should have spotted while reading the code.

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