Hi. What is the default password for the AHD 8008 DVR?

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Hi. What is the default password for the AHD 8008 DVR?. Are You mate own this kind of query?, If yes then plz found the solution below this line:

Trying to setup my DVR but I do not have the default password


Answers for this question:

Unfortunately, the only way to recover your phone is to recover the password of your phone. Since you don`t know the password and we can`t do it in our hands since we don`t have the device.

You can visit and ask for an default password of the manufacturer of that device. Contact the manufacturer in the link below.



If you are using an android phone and you created goosle account then you can use it to get a new passcode. If not tyen you need to hard reset your device but all your oersonal files will be deleted.


Just hard reset your tablet. Simultaneously press the volume up + home + power key to restore your device and delete the passwords.



COntact the administrator of app world to get hold of the default password. Ok.


Reset the TV. Contact manufacturer of your TV how to do this.


I forgot my password and now its creating trouble for me.


I forgot My Lumia nokia 520 micro soft account password.


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