Hello can you help me get some celebrity phone numbers?

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Hello can you help me get some celebrity phone numbers?. Do You Mr or Mrs own that kind of concern?, If do then plz read the answer below this line:

I am trying to get celebritys phone numbers can you help me find some?


Answers for this question:

Its not possibal .Every celebrity changes there number so their fan base wont be calling or texting their phone . The ones on the inernet are fake also.


No we do not give celebrity numbers, addresses and messenger ID’s and personal email. We can only provide you links or account for fans not the personal one.


Personal numbers are kept confidential and private. You can still follow her on twitter or facebook account or maybe on her instagram.


Hi unfortunately celebrities don`t give their personal or private number to public , you can follow them on twitter if you want to interact with them.

red one

If their number is publicly listed, then you can find it thru .


Victoria justice : 395-883-4757 but she may only answer if youtext so yeah enjoy.


Hey i think i know Peyton lists phone number she plays emma off jessie its 3212719294.


I dont think you will get any of their numbers on here. But hey who knows!






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