Does Richard Muller drink coffee?

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Does Richard Muller drink coffee?. Are You mate own this kind of problem?, If do then please get the solution below this line:

I have a cup in the morning with breakfast (usually fresh bread baked overnight by Rosemary), typically Peet’s Sulawesi. I drink the coffee black. I brew it at about twice strength, two tablespoons to the cup, from beans I’ve kept in the freezer. I normally don’t grind the beans myself; I’ve done a taste test comparing freshly ground frozen beans with Peets-ground but kept frozen coffee, and I don’t see any noticeable advantage. A neighbor of ours roasts his own coffee and he gave us some recently, and it was excellent, better than Peets. He may start up a business, and then I’ll switch. Some people think Peets is too strong, but strong without being bitter is the key to great coffee.

And I’ll frequently take an afternoon walk (about a mile) to Caffe Strada (across from the Berkeley Campus) and have a cappuccino (classic, not pseudo-latte), with a teaspoon of brown sugar and dusted with cocoa and cinnamon.

Other than that, no.

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