Does anyone care what Jimmy Carter thinks?

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Does anyone care what Jimmy Carter thinks?. Are You Mr or Mrs own that kind of problem?, If yes then plz read the answer below this line:

Julie Kelemen

What the… OF COURSE! He is the main one responsible for nearly wiping out millions of people's suffering from the parasitic Guinea worm. Just 10 years ago millions of people in tropical lands were infested with these nasty buggers.

Due to the efforts of the Carter Center, that number had dropped to less than 200 last year.

Guinea Worm Eradication Program

What the Carter Center has done is massive education to teach people and give them the simple tools they needed to filter the water in a very rudimentary, but effective, way. The Carter Center has also done similar work to prevent malaria by providing simple mosquito nets and educating people in their use.

Here a child filters water to remove Guinea worm.

An International Health Organization Committed to Guinea Worm Disease Eradication and Disease Control

Jimmy Carter Wants To See The Last Guinea Worm Die Before He Does

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