Do Vietnamese people hate Australia?

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Do Vietnamese people hate Australia?. Do You mam & sir own this kind of inquiry?, If do then please read the good soution below:

I don’t think they do.

I have been to Vietnam, in the south, and always felt very well received by the people there. If there was any hatred towards Australians, it was very well hidden.

My son recently returned from a trip with four of his friends to the north of Vietnam. His report was that, if anything, the people there were even more friendly than in the south.

I have enjoyed the warm hospitality of expat Vietnamese many times in Australia. I could not detect any animosity whatsoever. Unless forcing too much food on someone it an indication of dislike.

My poker buddy, Kevin ‘luck box’, a recent immigrant to Australia from Vietnam, now, I can believe he hates me sometimes if I call his bluff in poker. But I hate him just as much when his bluff turns out to actually be the nuts. I mean, every freaking time he has it, How does he do it?

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