Do girls get bored by nice guys?

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Do girls get bored by nice guys?. Do You misses or mister own that kind of uncertainty?, If do then please read the solution right after this line:

Women get bored with boring guys.

There are two kinds of “nice guys:” kind guys and timid guys.

Kind guys are men who treat other people with courtesy, compassion, and respect. They still have and express their own ideas, they do interesting things, they express themselves, they have and express opinions.

Some guys like this are very interesting indeed. They’re never boring and they never lack for companionship, romance, or sex.

Timid guys are men who have the idea that they should never disagree, they should never express their own opinion, they should never assert boundaries, and they should never say no. They think that being “nice” means always avoiding confrontation, never saying anything remotely controversial, always doing what’s expected of them, and never standing up for themselves.

These guys are boring as day-old spaghetti. In their eternal scorched-earth crusade to avoid being controversial, they avoid being interesting. Women don’t get bored with them, they start out bored with them, and it’s all downhill from there.

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