Do astronauts ever skip a day of exercise while on the ISS?

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Do astronauts ever skip a day of exercise while on the ISS?. Are You sir & mam has this kind of inquiry?, If do then plz found the tips right after below:

I can only give you my answer to the question of skipping a day of exercise. I do not know about other astronauts and, even if I did, I probably wouldn’t “rat them out!” I’m guessing some astronauts have gone on the order of days without exercising, but it’s certainly not in their best interests.

Having spent 152 days in space aboard the International Space Station in 2007, my first two days were on the Space Shuttle Atlantis which was my ride into orbit. My final two days in space for that mission occurred with the crew of Discovery… my ride back to Earth. I performed my requisite exercise protocol all 4 days on the shuttles using its stationary bicycle.

During the 148 days in between, while living on ISS, I skipped my prescribed exercise period only once. Expected to perform 2.5 hours of exercise every single day on the station, it was a Sunday and I decided I needed to take a break. Boy did I regret it.

It turns out exercise was more than just physical exertion for me. Sure, it helped to keep my bones and muscles strong —in preparation for return to Earth’s gravity— but the psychological aspect of exercise was perhaps much more important.

Astro Clay takes a spin on CEVIS, the ISS stationary bicycle.

During my exercise routines, which included weight lifting (actually more like bungee pulling) and aerobics (using a treadmill or stationary bicycle), I was expected to execute both every day, to get that 2.5 hours. For daily aerobics, I alternated between the bicycle and treadmill each day.

I looked forward to exercise every day. As I rode or ran, I enjoyed watching movies (The first movie? Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone… I was hooked!). During my weightlifting sessions I caught up on daily news (Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News) and enjoyed some of my favorite TV shows as a kid. Hogan’s Heroes, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Get Smart provided ample “low-level brain stimulation” and brought smiles to my face, to help offset those times when fatigue was taking hold.

When I took that day off, I didn’t feel right. I felt as if I had cheated myself of something very important. While my intention was to give myself a well-earned and much-needed respite, it turned out to have the opposite effect… I needed exercise and what it provided.

Following exercise was perhaps my favorite time of day… clean-up. Seriously. I loved how I felt after getting my body clean and then donning my clothes. Finished with exercise for the day, I could now concentrate on the tasks ahead. Imagine my elation when the day included donning new, fresh out-of-the-bag clothing. What a rush!

Keep lookin’ up!

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