Could you, using common household items, survive in outer space for five minutes?

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Could you, using common household items, survive in outer space for five minutes?. Do You mam and sir has that kind of concern?, If do then please get the best solution below this line:

Sure. Build yourself a large bag out of smaller garbage bags duct taped together. Fill with air. Get in. Provided they don’t burst, you’ll survive 5 minutes without much difficulty.

How else might you accomplish this feat? The biggest box in your home that’s more or less airtight is your fridge. You’ll have to secure the door, but this could be done pretty easily with a hook on the inside that requires you to pull the door hard from the inside to hook. You’d have to patch up the vent holes, too, but there’s no reason this couldn’t be done. Expanding foam insulation would probably work here.

Really any large container would do the trick, provided you could seal it reasonably well. If you are prepared, you can easily hold your breath for 2 minutes or so. This means you need just 2 or 3 good breaths of air to survive 5 minutes. That’s not very much air at all.

Want something a bit more exotic? A large ball of water and a small oxygen tank would do the trick, too. The oxygen tank can be had at diving centers, and you’d need enough water to fully submerge yourself in. Say a medium-sized above ground pool. The minute you get the water into space it will start to boil and freeze at the surface, but this process is slow, and even if the surface freezes over, you’ll be safe on the inside with your oxygen tank. The ball will stay together under its own surface tension, so it’s not going anywhere.

But my favorite option? A steel coffin. Get yourself one, fill it with air and weld it shut.

You’ll be good for 10 minutes, maybe more, and the irony will be absolutely delicious.


Lots of commenters have said that a trash bag would be unable to withstand 1 atm. I did a little research on this one (not easy) and found that it may be possible, but a single trash bag is probably a bit too weak for the job. You could almost certainly still survive in a trash bag, but only if you inflated it to less that 1 atm.

Forces in a balloon popping?

This calculation suggests that a latex balloon could withstand pressures of around 0.3 atm. Polyethylene has more than twice the tensile strength, so at least 0.6 atm should be sustainable. You can survive at this pressure for 5 minutes, though it may not be comfortable and you may lose consciousness. But reinforced with tape, and you can almost certainly go nearly to 1 atm and survive.

So I’m sticking with my original answer, with the caveat that you’ll need strong bags and you’ll need to reinforce with some tape. Still household items, and still doable, but not quite as easy.

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