Can you please give me an example of a letter request for a medical mission?

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Can you please give me an example of a letter request for a medical mission?. Do You misses or mister has that kind of concern?, If do then plz get the good tips right after below:

You have a new job, but will be delayed in starting that job on the appointed day because you are going to have medical treatment that will affect your starting date, so you need a draft letter to explain this.

Please see below a draft letter to the company, which will need you to adapt accordingly.

Name and address of
person and company
Your home address


Dear (name of person who employed you or the person that is to be your new boss)

Re: Start date with (company name)

My name is (name here) I am due to start with your company on (date and time you are due to commence working with this company).

Unfortunately, on this day, I am to attend (hospital name) for medical treatment, so will be unable to start on that day.

The date that I can start will be (put the new starting date here).

I apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused, but unfortunately I cannot rearrange this date.

I trust this is acceptable.

Yours sincerely,

(your name here)

home number
mobile number
e mail address

This letter should be sent straight away so that they are forewarned in time, so that the company can arrange for someone internally to stand in for you until your return, or they make take on a temp for a day or two to cover for you.


To the brgy captain,

this is in connection to our request that our group be given permission to conduct a medical mission in your barangay. our group (the name, if avail) currently is doing rounds of these kinds of mission to different localities and have chosen your barangay tobe the next beneficiary of the said mission. also please be advised that we are staffed with highly organized and competent medical professional who have made it their advocacy to help. also we have the backing of various medical companies (names as well if avail) who also share our goal and vision. assuch we are requesting forthe said permission to be granted so that we can then start the preparation and provide you feedback on when and where thisis going to take place. thank you in advance for your cooperation.

your name.


Try tDear Mr. Donald,
The purpose of this letter is to introduce our foundation to you.
‘Students Medicare Society’, our organization has been formed by medical students of different medical colleges in the city. We are based in Tampa, Florida.
Apart from other things, we regularly hold activities like medical missions as our primary objective.
In the coming month, we are planning to hold a medical mission to serve the residential areas of Florida where medical care is not available. We have received reports that say that many people need medical attention there, and we want to help them.
So, we seek financial support from your side to make this mission successful. As your company is also in the field of health care, so we are very sure that you would like to help people in this regard.

Thank you and we hope for your positive response.


You just need to reiterate where`s the location, what tools or things you will be needing, how many people you expect etc. just tell all the details and im sure they would understand because a lot of people who are in need would benefit from medical missions.


Mostly, in MNC, emplyees have been granted by the different facilities. one of them is medical insurance policy. This policy is provided to only permanent emplyees or can say to that person who is serving the company from more than 2 years.i.


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