Can I use a power bank for my moto g4 plus?

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Can I use a power bank for my moto g4 plus?. Are You mam has that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please get the best tips below this line:

Hi, thanks for A2A.

Yes. You can use it. Just a little bit more information you need to know.

Problem will arise if you do not use proper power bank for smartphones. Damage may occur at smartphone or at powerbanks. Lets clear this doubt technically.

You need to know about two things.

1. Voltage

2. Current

These are first and foremost things when you consider to buy adapter or power bank. You should undergo certain limits to buy power bank properly.
 1. Never buy power bank or adapter with the voltage higher than your mobile battery has. For instance, power bank 5.5 V, mobile battery 3.7 V . If you buy without attention, then consequences you will face makes you sad.
 If you charge your battery whose voltage is lower than power source, then it first starts to swelling. After some times it will explode.
 If you charge your battery whose voltage is higher than power source, then it won’t get charged. Force needed to push charges into the battery cell isn’t enough from power source.
 2. Current is another factor which determines charging time. Current rating of power source either adapter or power bank can be higher or equal to the battery which will get charged. Because load(phone) intake current how much it needs regardless of high current rating.
 If current rating of power source is lower than battery, then battery will take long time to get charged.Apart from this, you need to know something else for power bank purchase.
1. MARKING CAPACITY : Marking capacity is the value written on power banks. Generic power banks are selling mostly using this technique. The total capacity of the power bank is varied from the marking capacity.

2. REAL CAPACITY : This is the value or output of power bank. Actually those so called best branded power bank’s output is equal to the value written over power banks.

3. CONVERSION RATE : Technically, all power banks doesn’t produce output as printed on the catalog. There is some loss in efficiency due to AC to DC conversion loss, Heat generation and power loss. So conversion rate is one of the factor which determines output of power banks. So if power bank has conversion rate of 80% then its output is 8000mAh if its rated output is 10000mAh.

4. PHONE BATTERY HEALTH : Health of phone battery is very strong when you buy anew. Day by day phone battery health is getting reduced naturally and due to some irregular charging, heat and battery quality etc.

5. PHONE BATTERY CAPACITY : This is well known for all users. This value is printed on battery with mAh unit. So these are the factors which determines that so called best branded power banks. For instance, you have 2500mAh battery and 10000mAh power bank. You can easily calculate 4 times power bank can charge up your phone. But practically its not true.
 That so called properties affect in charging times.
 Total charge times for a particular phone = Power Bank Real Capacity * Conversion Rate * Phone Battery Health / Phone Battery Capacity
 For example, conversion rate is 90% or 0.9 ( for calculation) , real capacity is 10000mAh , phone battery health is 80 % or 0.8 and battery capacity is 2500mAh.
 then ,
 Total charge times for a particular phone = 10000*0.9*0.8/2500 = 2.88 times. Approximately that power bank can charge up your phone for 3 times.
 Before you come to a conclusion about the approximate charge, it is very important to know about the type of power bank you own, or are going to purchase. There are two very common types of power banks available globally, although most of them are made in China – Li-ion 18650 power bank, and Li-Polymer power bank.Most of the cheap power banks available in the market are made with the Li-ion type 18650, because they are cheaper and their sizes are fixed. While being cheap is the only advantage here, the 18650 Li-ion power banks have a higher discharge rate, loss of durability is faster and they produce more heat when compared to the Li-polymer power banks. But for the Li-polymer power banks are not very easily available, except through the well known accessory makers, and they are quite expensive.Another difference is that the Li-ion 18650 power banks have batteries that use liquid electrolyte, while the one in Li-polymer uses solid or gel electrolyte. It is safe to use Li-polymer batteries, because according to experts, if there is a defect in manufacturing the Li-ion based power bank, overcharging can lead to leakages or sometimes, it can even lead to blast of power bank.

Hope it helps!

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