Can anyone learn how to code?

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Can anyone learn how to code?. Are You sir & mam own this kind of problem?, If yes then please read the good tips right after below:

Anyone who’s willing to learn how to code, should be able to learn coding to some degree.

As mentioned before by Douglas Green, someone who’d like to learn to code has to be of at least an average intelligence. Being computer literate or willing not to give up is very important too. From my experience – unfortunately – developing software includes quite a lot of frustrating time spent struggling with different types of tools, systems, libraries etc.

At the same time, I’m really fascinated by the stories of people, who switched careers and started coding. These examples prove that some good will and determination are enough to be successful software developer.

One of my colleagues used to be chiropractic for a decade when he decided to become web developer. Or Lewis Cowper who went from forklift driver to developer.

No doubt learning new skill is not easy, but fortunately for aspiring developers, there’s plenty of online resource to learn from, very often for free. What is also important, is the fact that there’s plenty of people willing to help aspiring developers to improve their skills too.

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