Top Apps to Customize Your Android May 2017!

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Hi guys, now SitusPanda dotcom want to share to you amazing video clip of Top Apps to Customize Your Android May 2017!, just see video clip right after it

Top Apps to Customize Your Android May 2017 Featuring the Galaxy s8!

1. Screen lock & app lock!

This app by pin genie has two functions. It operates as a lock screen replacement that can be customized and it also allows you to lock individual apps that you don’t want other people accessing. It has what they call a genie pad which essentially is a different way of inputting a pass code. They also have a feature to catch intruders that will snap a selfie if someone enters the wrong pass code three times.

2. My Clipboard:
This is an app that i started using because copy history. It has features like unlimited automatic saving of history. You can add things to favorites, it has search and the ability to import and export data to files. This app also has no ads and will not collect any personal information.

3. Pixel navigation Bar:

This app is very simple and is really only for people who have a navigation bar. All it does is fill in the navigation buttons to get a google pixel look on your device! This app is intended for devices running lollipop and above and other than changing the nav bar apps it really doesnt do much.

4. Lookup

This lookup app is actually really nice. One of the great features from iphones is the ability to select a word and then look up its definition. This app brings this feature to android and it does a great job of it. There are different ways of searching words and the best part is that this dictionary works offline. Also this app comes with a dark mode which is always appreciated for those who dont like to get their eyes burned at night.

5. Frame – Wallpapers

For the fifth app we have frame wallpapers a very nice wallpaper app that is well designed and provides quality wallpapers. This app sources its photos from unsplash and has all its photos available in really high quality. I like the simplicity of the layout and how easy it is to pick a wallpaper and set it. Currently the wallpaper I am rocking comes from this app

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