Top 7 Best Free Apps for Android – January 2018

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Best Apps for Android Smartphone January (2018)
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As the name suggests, it an app that’s going to make your life a little easier and help you use your phone a bit faster. Add shortcuts to your notification panel for various tasks ranging from system centric tasks to information tiles to functional tiles. It’s a huge list of shortcuts that you can choose from and add to your notification panel.

And if you don’t want things cluttered in your notification panel, you could just actually enable a sidebar that can contain any of these tiles that you want and use them from there. That way, your notification panel stays as it is and you have a secondary panel that gives you access to these tiles.

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It’s probably one of the most simple yet an extremely effective utility that you could add to your Android homescreen.
You get to add a couple of drawers on your homescreen, that you could just pull out and launch apps that you use very often. I’ve categorized my drawers. Basically you can create quick app shortcuts and access them instantly from any screen on your smartphone irrespective of which app you are on.

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An extremely well done photo filter app that contains a ton of filters and textures and effects to choose from. Beautiful photo filters and in some ways even better than Retrica and Snapseed. So if you are looking for a washed out look, there is a filter pack called Washed out. Similarly, you’ve got basic ones in essential, then there is bleached, nostalgic, cinematique, etc. And within each filter pack, there are a bunch of individual filters that you could choose from and see what makes your photo look the best.

When you’re applying a filter, you can choose the strength of the filter that you want to apply by sliding this down and you can apply multiple filters on top of each other to achieve some really unique results.

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Beautiful, subtle and minimalist black/dark themed wallpapers that works even better for smartphones with AMOLED displays saving you battery as well as giving you a rich ultra high definition wallpaper.

The app comes with more than 1000 black themed wallpapers & backgrounds.

Wallpapers are categorized into well defined categories so you can choose your favourite wallpaper from amongst the ones you like.

You can download the wallpaper on your smartphone and keep it in your gallery for later use.

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Datally is a beautiful app that lets you monitor, track and control or rather save your data usage by various apps on your smartphone.

First thing, you can understand your usage both real time and over a period of time by all the apps installed on your phone. So you can look into your usage trends in the past and see where you’re wasting most of your time too.

You can also go ahead and enable data saver which can help you save data by taking control over some of the background data that some apps continue to use.

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Just like Shazam, Beatfind also helps you identify songs that are playing around you. You can instantly play them on youtube or spotify. But what’s also interesting is that the app has an-built visualizer that dances to the song that’s playing in the background. So much so that it can even sync the flashlight on the back of your device.

It maintains a list of all the songs you’ve identified in the past so you can refer to them. It’s a much simpler and a lighter app than Shazam in terms of use. Give it a try.

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