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Hello friends, today website will share with you a great video clip of TOP 20 BEST FPS ANDROID GAMES 2016, just look at the video clip right after it

Best Fps(First person Shooter) Games for Android and iOS 2016 so games may not available for ios but most of them are.

Hello everyone here is new list of best Fps games for Android of this year hope you enjoy it this I found best games so far hope you enjoy it.

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Most of the games are online multiplayer Fps.

Below are games name that I mentioned in the video and I have given link of only those you may not find on your playstore and all games are free except the one I have written paid on it.
If not available on your country try an app called hola and change your country and download it or else google it and find external link.

*Games are not Rankwise
1)Counter Terror Strike:- control is great for it.
2)Fusion war
3)Crossfire mobile:-
Android- apk-
Install from above link then download wechat to access that game login on wechat and run the game

4)Zombie frontier 3
5)Dwarfs- Unkilled shooter Fps
7)Gun Master 3 Zombie Slayer
8)Hot Trigger- actually it was of late December earlier year but it is unnoticed and great potential so I added it.
9)Modern strike online:-
10)Call of duty black ops Zombies(Paid)
11)Wild Hunter jungle shooting 3D
12)Shadow strike 2:-
13)The last commando ll
14)Void of Heroes
15)Action of Mayday: Swat Team:-
17)SKY gamblers: Air Supremacy(Paid)
19)Battle Bears OverClock fps:-
20)Doom of the Galaxy- Fps game

Ingame songs:-
1)K-391 ft. Cory Friesenhan – Dream Of Something Sweet:-
2)Vexento- into The Unknown:-
3)Diviners- Savannah (Feat killy k):-
4)Itro & Tobu- Holiday:-

Intro music-Halvorsen- she got me like-,

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