How to install android apps and games on your pc 2019 urdu/hindi

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Hi friends, right now Situs Panda my id will share with you an awesome video of How to install android apps and games on your pc 2019 urdu/hindi, enjoy video right after it

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Android is currently the world’s most liked operating system. Endrode has become a very intriguing center due to numerous games and applications. That’s why now there are programs for desktop that can help with the environment like Android and PC. In this regard, Bilvistax is a very popular program and many other programs are available, all of them require hardware too, that’s why it’s not possible to walk on every desktop. However, in the case of “Koplayer, an excellent android platform is free for all desktop users.”

If you want Endrode’s games and applications to use on your desktop, download the “Player”. With this program, you can get Android’s fun on a big screen.

First of all let me know that the size of the program is 288MB, which is not a big problem downloading today’s fastest Internet era.
After its installation, when you run it, it needs to be logged in with a Google Account just like Android, so that the applications can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. If you do not have a Google Account then sign up option will also be available. Through which you can make a new Google account free.

After setup is complete, this program gives you a sense of presence of an Android phone on desktop. The delicious thing is that it automatically adds the mouse and the keyboard so that you can use it automatically.

Because through this Google Play Store is in your handles, you can install and install the games or applications that you want.
The screen recording option is also available by playing games or using an application. The game can be played by vendoracard and it can also be shared on social media. It can not restrict you to play games only, but you can also use the applications you want, such as the leading apps, etc. app.

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