Cross Fire: King of shootings Gameplay iOS & Android Game Like PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS)

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Hello friends, right now SitusPanda love to share with you amazing clip of Cross Fire: King of shootings Gameplay iOS & Android Game Like PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS), enjoy clip right after it

This video is a review of the new batlle royale game CrossFire Legends Gameplay iOS & Android Game Like PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS) by Tencent Mobile Games.


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CrossFire Legends is a Korean version of Smilegate and Tencent effort to create three years of CF genuine FPS hand tour, which is a perfect heritage of the PC side of the quality and play, but also for the phone side of the operating characteristics and shooting habits of players Customized adaptation and optimization, allowing players to truly enjoy the fun and pleasure of gunfighting games on mobile phones, the gunfight continues to the mobile terminal, 100 million Cfer gathering place, right here! These familiar elements allow players to shoot the perfect dream to the mobile terminal.

[Perfect support for pressure sensor function, shooting a new revolution in mobile games]
“Cross Fire: King of Gun Shooting Revolutionary shooting hand shooting shooting and firing of these two dimensions of the operation together, players in the aiming process at the same time increase their pressure to complete the firing, greatly reduced The threshold of operation. Now perfect fit part of the pressure-sensing capabilities to support the phone, enjoy the fingertips battlefield new operating experience.

【Inherit the essence of the original, continuation of the classic gun battle body】
“Cross Fire: The King of Gunfight” from the world outlook, mode of play, rules of operation and other aspects of the perfect successor to the essence of the original tour, is still the defender and the lurking struggle throughout the two still have a burst mode, personal competition, team competition classics Play; still left-handed control of player movement, right-hand control of the aiming and shooting mode of operation; these familiar elements for hundreds of millions of players shooting dreams perfect continuation of the mobile terminal.

【Classic sports, blood warfare】
Rich PVP mode allows you to play one hundred is not greasy: regiment, blasting, biochemistry, a competing plus original position mode, breaking the unity of the mode of play, so you in the process of confrontation with other players to experience multiple fun and more wonderful!

Fair playmaking
The game retains the most degree of fair play, there is no compulsory payment system and lack of development system, and strive to bring the player the most direct shooting experience.

Detail winning art set a new benchmark
The game’s picture through a new engine to improve the overall improvement of the picture quality. The characters and firearms are finer and the effects explode.
Put away
update content
【Desert Island Training Model Announcement】 【Profile】
1, mode highlights:
a) a wide game scene, a variety of terrain vegetation, Voldemort or steel gun king?
b) rich props gun system, whether full of picking up
c) Self-driving vehicle system, Buick Regal, armored vehicles and motorbikes
d) thrilling shoot-out PK, years of steel gun experience here to test
e) depth and diversity of competitive strategies, keep the bridge, running plans, Voldemort there is always a suitable for you
f) team black, exchange and cooperation is the magic weapon to victory
2, exclusive entrance:
a) The old players: Then in the hall of the interface, click the mode four grid center desert island special training
b) new players: in the login screen to enter the desert island special training mode

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