60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG MOD APK

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Hi folks, right now Situs Panda my id want to share to you a great clip of 60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG MOD APK, just see clip below

**Link apk signed: https://sharemods.com/hqek16rxamnb/com.andromedagames.hero60global_1.29.0_signed.apk.html

**Link apk unsigned: https://sharemods.com/vmzq5nllraqs/com.andromedagames.hero60global_1.29.0_unsigned.apk.html

*MOD features*

+ Fast Increase Medal

First, you need upgrade Hero max by Medal you have and pass LV Stage 100 or more
Each time you use “Perform Rebirth” function to reset the match and receive medal, you will still retain your Level Stage, which allows you to use “Perform Rebirth” continuously. (it only helps you in the beginning phase)
The time interval between the times “Perform Rebirth” is a few seconds
Mod is only used to increase your Medal. After increasing the quantity at will. Use Playstore version to play normally.

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