Why have people stopped answering my questions on Quora?

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Why have people stopped answering my questions on Quora?. Are You mate has that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz get the good feedback below this line:

Dude, you’ve only asked nine questions and they’ve all been within the last ten days. Six of those questions have been answered. Patience is a virtue. I have two questions I asked in 2011 that haven’t been answered yet.

Of the three questions that haven’t been answered, two don’t deserve an answer. They are pathetic questions. The other is a very good question but unless a psychology major sees it, you’re going to get worthless answers. Unfortunately, the dumber than dirt and utterly incompetent Quora bot has decided that question isn’t written in a manner that a goldfish could understand. You’ll have to edit it before Quora will show it to people. That is, unfortunately, something we all have to get used to. The bot sucks. My theory is that Quora has grown larger than they can support so the Quora bot is used as an alienation tool to reduce the amount of users.

Here’s my advice regarding the two poor questions. Don’t ever use the words “mind blowing”. They indicate the user is a five year old that other five year olds tell to grow up. And don’t ask “Is it weird…” questions. They are universally stupid and lower Quora to Yahoo! standards.

You are getting answers to your good questions. Stick with those types of questions. Good questions are as important as good answers.

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