What would you do if you found $500 in a parking lot?

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What would you do if you found $500 in a parking lot?. Do You sir and mam own this kind of problem?, If do then plz found the good soution below:

Dan Robrish

Once I found more than $900 on a sidewalk. I was leaving an after-hours club in Philadelphia and found a big wad of mostly $20 bills folded over on the sidewalk. I’d been drinking, so I took a cab home and counted the money. I was fortunate enough to have a job that paid me more than I needed to live on, so it’s not like keeping it would solve some big problem for me. I put a rubber band around the money and figured I’d be sober in the morning and could think of what to do then.

I knew that turning the cash in to the police wouldn’t be likely to get it back to its rightful owner. Philadelphia police don’t have the resources to investigate something like this. If nobody claimed it after 30 days or so, they’d return it to me (assuming it wasn’t pocketed by a crooked cop, which is a possibility you can’t rule out).

I figured the money had to be dropped by someone who was at the club, since it was the only place on the block open at that hour. So the next evening, I approached the club manager, asked to speak to him privately and explained what happened. His jaw dropped. He told me that someone had phoned him about it about an hour earlier. It was the entire day’s cash receipts from a saloon; the owner had shut down his business at 2 a.m. and gone to the after-hours club for a nightcap before going home.

I got in touch with the guy who’d lost the money and returned it to him. Problem solved.

UPDATE: To answer some questions: I had known the club manager for years, so I trusted him not to rip me off by having a friend of his pretend to have lost the money. It took a few days to get the money back to the guy who’d lost it because of a mix-up with getting my phone number wrong, but I gave it back to him at the after-hours club. I’d gone there right after finishing my shift at work, had a meal and a few drinks. He thanked me profusely, paid the tab for my meal and drinks, and gave me $50 cash as a reward. I tried to refuse the reward money, but he insisted.

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