What would be your perfect day in New York?

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What would be your perfect day in New York?. Do You guys own that kind of inquiry?, If do then plz read the best feedback below:

Dushka Zapata

I was recently in New York for work (and I do like New York in June.)

After a public speaking engagement I set a day aside to feast on the city I am visiting, and New York is one of my favorites. There is so much to do here you could assemble a hundred thousand perfect days.

In mine I make no plans. No goals. Nowhere to be.

I am structured so I like being free to wander. Spontaneity makes me happy and mildly uncomfortable. I'm convinced blank time restores my creativity.

I begin with coffee and ogle the pastries.

I end up picking a bar with nuts and dried fruit and an almond milk latte. I then walk outside.

In New York people walk fast and look straight ahead. I loiter and look up.

Street markets get my immediate attention. I am sensory so I gravitate towards things that smell or feel good.

I can't bump into Grand Central Station without walking through its stunning interior.

I'm not sure what to do for lunch but suspect I will know it when I see – Oooh! Lebanese!

It's a gorgeous day so Central Park beckons me. I spend a couple of hours people watching and exploring Shakespeare Garden.

My Dad loved it here. After his death my sister sprinkled some of his ashes in this garden so I visit with him and we look at the view.

Pay attention to where you end up when you have nowhere to go.

I miss you. I miss you so much.

As the sun goes down I discover a restaurant that specializes in olive oil so I get a tasting and order small samples of different salads and crostini for dinner.

There are so many "must sees" in New York, so many lists to write and systematically check off.

Reserve some time to do nothing. Given the chance, this city – every city – has so many surprises in store for you. You might even come across an entire Egyptian temple, rescued from a flood.

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