What is your salary and are you satisfied with it?

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What is your salary and are you satisfied with it?. Are You mam & sir own that kind of problem?, If do then plz get the good feedback below this line:

I am a tea planter

Salary is 44000 pm (in hand after all deductions) after 5 yrs of work. Bonus is arround 6 times of salary once a year, LTA is arround 1 lac. Medical is free for my family.

Perks including

1. Free fully furnished bunglow

2. Arround 9 servants

3. Free 24*7 electricity and running water

4. Unlimited LPG

5. Full HD satellite connection

6. Arround 120 Ltrs petrol every month

7. Club facilities with swimming pool, squash, tennis etc.

8. Free tyre tube once a year

Vegetable are mostly from kitchen garden.

Work is to look after plantation and labour welfare. To keep property under all govt and certification like RA and ISO.


As I am getting lots of questions and people believing its the best job let me tell you the few bad in this job,

1. You have to come to work at 6 am in morning no matter what the weather is, and you to be at work even it rains.

2. You have no Sunday/Saturday etc it’s 24*7 job as you stay in between plantation.

3. Work timing is 0600 to 0930 hrs break for breakfast 1030 to 1300 hrs break for lunch 1500 to 2000hrs your day ends.

4.You have to manage approximately 1500 workers in a day. Depending on the size of your estate.

5. Lots of union issues you have to face.

6. The staff you will get is older than your father.

7. You have to sometimes stay away from civilisation as not all plantation are nearer to towns and cities. Sometimes it will take hours of drive to the nearest town to get bread. It all depends were your estate is.


This to elaborate on what your duties are in addition to the above. These work are our daily and annual work parameters.

Well it’s not that simple, we are not here just to see workers we are here to insure the estate under us is maintained as per company standards which are pretty high. so to be precise we have to see the following

1. Maintain estate as per company standards.

2. Insure production of green leaf as per estimate

3. Insure worker welfare

4. Insure medical and other benefits for workers and their families which is arround 2000 to 3000 in a smallest estate.

5. Insure medical and other benefits for staff and their families

6. See all the repairs are done to the infrastructure provided within the time bound period

So it’s not that simple as it may sound.

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