What is the saddest thing that happened to you that you never shared with others before?

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What is the saddest thing that happened to you that you never shared with others before?. Do You sir has this kind of inquiry?, If do then please get the answer right after this line:

Noah Williams

This happened to me quite recently and I shared this on reddit this morning. I decided to share this on Quora So people can share in this experience and learn from this so it doesn’t happen to other Thanks.

Okay so I was a college student and I was studying in the basement level in one of the U libraries. I had to take a leak so I decided to go the bathroom, and being the cautious and untrusting person at times I chose to bring my laptop along with me since It cost my father a lot of money, and since he was a Taxi driver I wouldn't be able to afford another if I lost this one. Anyway as I am heading to the bathroom which was conveniently located the first floor (sarcasm), unbeknownst to me there had been girl who was watching me enter the bathroom with my laptop and somehow got suspicious of a big and burly african american guy carrying an expensive laptop. (You'll understand why I phrased it this way).

So after taking a good amount of time to relieve myself I quickly washed my hands and open the bathroom door intending to leave and thats when I see three U security guards who immediately start hounding me about who I was and where I got the laptop from. One of them reached out and snatched my laptop out of my hands and says "I'm holding this until the Police come". At this point Im terrified and thinking why would anyone think Im a thief or something, I have never stolen anything except candy when I was young and that was from my grandma. Out of the corner of my eye I see the girl standing there grinning with a stupid look on her face (The one it turns out who made the insinuation)! I tried to calm down and talk reasonably to the guards and tell them I didn't steal anything and that that was my laptop. I told him I can prove it and that I can know the password, It even has my picture on it! They told me (quite rudely) I would not get my own laptop back until the police came.

I waited for about 10 minutes until two police officers came ( at this point I am slowly becoming pissed off because of the girl standing a couple a feet away just grinning). When the police officers came the security guards then tried to paint a bad light on me saying that I had tried to hide in the bathroom after I stole "My Own Laptop". When they finished their make believe I told the two officers that I had been studying and I came upstairs to take shit and if he went inside the bathroom Which we had been standing in front of the whole time, they would figure out that I had actually "used" the bathroom. Better yet I could prove that it was my computer. They hand over the computer and I enter my password, Low and behold the computer unlocks. Also a picture of my fat self was on the wall paper. The officers ask the guards why I was stopped and if there had been a stolen laptop at all or what? The guards point to the girl who had been standing there the whole time and said she was the one claimed that I had stolen a laptop and was hiding in the bathroom. Thats when she started stammering and saying I didn't think he could afford such a laptop so he must have stolen it… Well she was right I couldn't afford it by myself thats why my dad who worked many hours to earn enough money to buy it for me.

At this point I'm fed up and I asked the officers if I was free to leave and I quickly left I went downstairs and got my things and left to go home. I had been studying for a final I was taking the very next day I ended up getting a 70 on it but I still got a good grade for the course. Here's the kicker I graduated this year and on my graduation day I saw the same girl who had made all this mess. I stupidly expected her to apologize or something, but that didn't happen. She ignored me the whole time I knew she recognized me because when I looked at here she immediately looked away and left from the area where I was standing. I haven't told anyone this but hey I use this as inspiration to be better and work harder so my dad can stop driving a damn taxi around! ALso thanks to the two police officers for being so reasonable and not falling for the stupid excuse that I didn't look like someone who could afford an apple macbook.

Also none of the pictures in this post have any relation to story, this is the first time I’ve seen online commenting with pictures in the post itself so I went a little bit crazy LOL.

EDIT: Guys I AM SOO AMAZED at the response THANK YOU GUYS soo much. I am at a loss for words, I just got off work to find out that I have Hundreds of email from Quora of Up-Votes and comments. thank you all for the support, you certainly made my YEAR 🙂 !!

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