What are the things that a waiter knows, but not you as a customer?

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What are the things that a waiter knows, but not you as a customer?. Do You mam & sir own that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz check the best feedback right after this line:

That as a waiter, he is often treated (at least in the US) as a servant, not as a person.

I’ve always found it ironic that in our democratic all people are created equal country, that in restaurants the customers express a strong superiority to the staff. Ask someone about a restaurant, and many (in the US) will tell you how they did or did not like the service; they may not even mention the food. I became aware of this only when I owned a restaurant, for six years. Sometimes a customer would ask to see me, and I felt that even I, the owner, was being treated as an inferior. I felt that my role was to make the experience of the customer as good as possible, but even so, I was surprised at the rudeness of many customers. They skipped the little courtesies of human interaction, because I was merely the proprietor, there to serve them. Needless to say, waiters are treated much worse than the owners.

Most waiters learn to live with this. They develop a thick skin. But it is sad. In some countries (I’ve eaten in many restaurants in France and Italy) the waiters are considered professionals; they are respected, and admired. Children of waiters aspire to be waiters when they grow up.

Some people like it when waiters put on a friendly air “Hello — my name is Rich and I’ll be your server today…”. But I’m not talking about the patina of friendliness, but about attitude. It can be psychologically hard to be considered an inferior person. And it is readily noticed.

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