What are some things hotel staff won't tell you?

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What are some things hotel staff won't tell you?. Are You sir has that kind of inquiry?, If yes then please found the good answer right after below:


  1. Sex: It happens and it happens a lot. All the soft furnishings-that is , the couches, the chairs even the ottamons have been used for sex. AND OF COURSE who knows how many people have had sex in the beds. We know prostitutes are in and out of the hotels and don’t care.
  2. Beds: The only time they wash the comforters are when someone pees on them. It can be YEARS between washings. Sometimes the housekeepers don’t change the sheets and REALLY WON’T change the pillow cases. The head of housekeeping would often mark them with pencil marks to ensure that they’ve been changed. The first thing you should do is have your sheets changed the minute you reach your room.
  3. Food: The kitchen is FILTHY period. The cooks think the food is theirs. The banquet staff eats the food they serve you while they serve you.
  4. Freebies: Be nice and you can get free meals, bottles of wine, free movies, even free nights. Pick nits looking to score free crap and we can spot you. We snicker and you get nada. The longer you stay, the nicer you should be. The staff have name tags. Use the names. If the staff thinks you are “cool” they’ll offer you stuff. You won’t even have to ask.
  5. Deaths: People die. If they think you are dead they won’t check your actual body until after your scheduled check out time. A guy laid in the same spot in bed for 3 days. The housekeeper cleaned a bit around him. Security refused to check the body. “If he’s dead today, he’ll still be dead tomorrow at 11 am.” Direct quote!
  6. Room Security: Anyone on staff with a key can and will enter your room UNLESS you have a DND (do not disturb). Then they won’t enter AT ALL. They might have the front desk call; but, this is merely perfunctory. The staff is glad to have a good excuse NOT to do whatever it was they were called to do in your room in the first place. The staff won’t sneak into your room because their card keys are scrupulously signed out and the door logs the key entries. The staff are happy to get a co-worker fired just for the gossipy drama of it all.
  7. Smoking: Smoke in a non-smoking room. YOU WILL BE CHARGED. THEY HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD ON FILE.
  8. Pools: Stay. Out. Of. The. Water. Especially Spas (hot tubs). People have sex in the spas. When they drain them they reverse the jets and all kinds of oily gunk comes out. The maintenance guys balancing the water are hesitant to even touch it.
  9. Theft: Your stuff is actually VERY safe. Entry is logged by the card reader; so, the staff knows who was in your room when. Again, they are more than happy to get their co-workers fired for the drama of it all and to have a funny story to tell. Though, if you want your room cleaned well, don’t leave your stuff strewn about everywhere because most housekeepers aren't allowed to move your stuff. They have to clean around it, often not being allowed to even touch it.
  10. Tips: If you return to the same place and you have a reputation as a good tipper: particularly among the housekeepers, they will bend over backwards for you. Everything will be most assuredly clean etc. etc. If you’re coming back that's the most important one to tip. Tip the valet. It’s expected. Yet, most places with valets are camera-ed up. So, your car will be safe anyways. Again, most of the staff will happily get a co-worker fired for any funny stuff just for fun. Your car will be safe. Maintenance guys are making more money than anybody and aren’t in it for the tips. It’s best to tip them anyways just so they will think you are cool. Their department has the largest budget. In nicer hotels they are encouraged to comp you for inconvenience sake. If you are calling them its for a problem and if you are nice and they think you are cool AND you tipped, you can ASK them for a freebie like breakfast or something and they’ll probably do it. In a lot of cases they are expected to comp you.

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