How to write leave letter reason – went to mysore?

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How to write leave letter reason – went to mysore?. Do You sir has this kind of query?, If do then plz check the best answer below:

Answers for this question:

You just need to state on your letter how many days or months you need for your leave and a valid reason for it. Address it to your boss or to your HR or to someone who is responsible for it.

Your Position on your company
Contact Number

Application for Leave of Absence

Dear Sir/ Madam:

I am asking for a leave on (Date start of your leave) to (Date last day of your leave). (State your reason here).

Hoping for your consideration regarding this matter. Thank you.


Signature over Printed Name

Here`s a sample draft. Hope this helps you.


Below is the sample of letter kindly take a look

Dear Mr. James,

I am writing this application to inform you that I may not be able to attend office for at least 4 months from now from September 2012 to January 2013, as I am down with multiple fracture.I had an accident on 17 august due to which my left leg has multiple fractured. Fortunately,according to doctor currently I am inability to move my left leg.
On august I had an external operation for repairing of bones. I have been advised by the doctor to have an operation on october and he told me to take bed rest for my recovery. I deeply regret the inconvenience caused to the firm because of my fracture.Kindy take a look i have attached the medical related documents of mind. Thanks in advance.


You can write professional letter for the purpose of leaving out the station,sample letter below;

To Whom It May Concern,

Have A Great Day!

I want to file my leave as soon as possible for the reason that were going out of station.We always doing this every year so its a routine already.

Thank you for a wonderful chance that you have given to us.

Thank you so much,

Sincerely Yours,.


Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing this letter to request for reconsideration of my filed leave, which was recently disapproved. I need that leave because of this: _______.

I also know that I still have enough vacation leaves left. Also, this has been filed 60 days prior to the day of leave, which means I have enough time to prepare and do a proper handover to make sure that work is taken cared of inspite of my leave.

I do hope you can reconsider my case. Thanks in advance for your understanding.


Sample letter of leave letter because of illness.

Dear Teacher,


I want to inform you that I am not able to attend my class for the reason that I have body pain.I really want to come and join the sports day yesterday I am not able to do that.

Therefore i am asking for leave for this sickness.I will make it up once I am pretty sure that I am okay now.

Yours Truly,.


Dear Sir, With regard to my recent sick leave, I was unable to attend the clinic to get my sick leave papers as I was unable to get there by walking as I was too ill and I did not have the money to pay for transport. I got these as soon as I possibly could and sent them to you directly. yours faithfully. You may want to put some dates in 🙂


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